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About Us

Fishheads Canada is devoted to the sport of fishing. Fishheads is proud to offer only the best gear to help all anglers in their quest for catching the BIG ONE.  All products sold on the website have been tried and tested by the owners of Fishheads Canada and only the top producing products make the list.

Owners Info:

    Mike Hagon started the company in 2007. He has been fly & float fishing in the great lakes region for over 20 years, with the experience and knowledge he has gathered from the many people he meets he is glad to share any knowledge or answer questions.  He feels that the spread of knowledge can only help the fishing community and by increasing awareness protect our delicate ecosystem. 

   Jake Collins joined the company in 2015. He has been fishing the great lakes region his entire life with an expressed interest in fly & float fishing for the last decade. Mike and Jake both support respectful angling: Respect eachother as anglers, the river and land for what it offers and provides, and for the magnificent species we have the honor to fish.

Please feel free to contact Mike or Jake any time via email: fishheads.canada@yahoo.ca with any questions, either product or fishing related. 

Thank you for taking the time to browse the site and we hope to hear from you soon.


Your Friends at Fishheads Canada

Mike Hagon & Jake Collins