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 Email from customer January, 2024. Thanks Pete, enjoy the new rod and gear!


Hi Jake,
I just received my order of a new Raven Spiral Rod and float fishing tackle this afternoon and I just want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for not only your help in my purchase, but your amazing packaging and shipping of my items, certainly you go above and beyond to look after your customers and I certainly appreciate that and acknowledge. I certainly will bump into other Steelhead fisherman along the river and I will be only too happy to tell them the best place to get any new equipment and tackle. Of course, I am sure I too will have opportunities in the future to have further dealings with you. Once again, many thanks Jake, take care and stay safe and good fishing.

A couple recent reviews from October 2023, thank you all!

Amazing roe

Product: Fishheads Premium Rainbow Trout Roe (5.3oz - 1/3lb)
Posted By: K.L.
Caught a few nice fish with the trout roe. Was very pleased with my purchase. Received in a timely manner.


Coho Roe Review

Product: Fishheads Natural Coho Salmon Roe (16oz - 1lb)
Posted By: N/A
Excellent customer service. Roe is guaranteed to come fresh.


Email from repeating customer August 2021. Thanks Nick, enjoy your new set up!


Thank you. I just wanted to let you know both times I have ordered from you it has been the best customer service I have received with keeping me updated on things being back ordered or how long the international shipping will take. Truly a top notch company that will keep getting my business. - Nick, Marquette MI 


Email came in from a happy customer October 2017. Thanks Bernie your son will love the reel!


I recently ordered a Raven Helix Centrepin Reel from Fishheads Canada through their on-line web site.   I found the web site 
extremely easy to find the perfect reel and even more simple and convenient to place my order.  
I also indicated in the notes section ,that it was for my sons birthday. That same day i received an email from a representative from
Fishheads Canada informing me that the item was on back order and would not be available until the following week. 
They asked me if that was  too tight of a timeframe for my son's birthday and offered to xpresspost it to make up for the delay. 
The following week I received a notification from Canada Post that my package had been delivered to my address, but when I went to my mailbox
to get it, no package could be found.  I called Canada Post and Fishheads Canada to reported that I had not received my package.
Fishheads Canada got back to me immediately and assisted me in finding my package, which I had Initially put down the wrong street number on 
my original order.  
The customer service I received from Fishheads Canada from the initial order, to delivery,  and final acquisition of the product,
was exceptional and I felt like my purchase was important to them and my son will be excited to go fishing with his new real.
Thank you to Fishheads Canada for this positive experience and exceptional customer service.
Bernie Edwards
Thunder Bay, Ontario
Great email came in Nov 27th 2015 from a happy customer!

Wow talk about customer service!
You fellows are very good and I appreciate you notifying me of your 
intentions. I just didn't want to miss a good sale opportunity.
Please go ahead and hold the shipment until Monday as you mentioned, for I 
will not be able to get back to the river until next Thursday anyway.
I'll likely receive the eggs Tuesday, tie them up on Wed and see what they 
catch on Thurs.
My son-in-law is also going to be a regular customer since I turned him onto 
your Brown Trout roe.
The way you fellows provide such great service, you'll have a successful 
business for many years to come

David Parker
Certified Professional Rod Builder
Flies, Rod & Reel Service



 Great email came in Oct. 1st 2015 from a happy customer!


 Just wanted to let you see your flies hard at work! I hooked onto this
buck the first time and my leader snapped. Not to be discouraged I
tied another one of your flies working the pool of water. To my
surprise when I landed the next fella, it was the same fish the first
time I had lost. So I landed him and got the fly back! You can see the
lost fly on its beak and the one that brought him in the corner of his
mouth. Hah




Posted by Mark O on 18th Nov 2013

I've gotten spawn off a lot of different places in my life, even tried curing some on my own...
But this is like a whole next level of quality. It last long before turning milky and on my first day out with these I was getting hits about 5 to 1 compared to the other guys on the same system using the same type of bait. 
I'm still new to this kind of fishing, a pro with these would be deadly!
I will be a returning customer and if you haven't tried this yet you're really missing out.
Also, the Price is awesome. I've easily tied enough out of one package for several outings and I still have some left. you just cant go wrong here folks



Posted by coldhands on 31st Dec 2012

My first float rod, glad I spent a bit extra because it's worth it.Enjoyed success quickly after using due to quick hooksets. Light too which i like due to a shoulder injury.



Posted by Dave on 11th Nov 2013

Purchased Fishheads Natural Rainbow Roe for the first time and I am very pleased with my purchase as the eggs look awesome and are a nice orange colour . Tied up some dime sized bags and tried them on my local river and the Steelhead just hammered them . As a no kill fisherman I would normally not use Rainbow Roe , so this is a perfect outlet for me to use real roe and not have to take out spawners.
Thanks to Mike @ Fishheads for providing an excellent source of Natural Roe .



Posted by Paul on 2nd May 2013

Mike's service is second to none. Extemely fast responses, very accomodating. The roe is vacuum sealed which preserves the freshness. Delivery was a non-issue.

The roe worked. Took a long while before the roe whitened out. It would usually get eaten before that happened though.

Will buy this roe from now on.